Advantages of Including a Cosmetic Cooler in Your Beauty Regime

beauty fridge

Step up your skincare regimen with an adorable cosmetic mini-cooler for all your precious products. Not only will this mini-cooler prolong the shelf life of your favorite products, but it will also help calm your skin and may also aid in better absorption of the products into the skin. The cooler temperatures will keep bacteria away from your products, so your products remain clean and sanitaryMoreover, keeping eye gels, jade rollers, or any kind of under eye creams in the cooler can really help depuff tired eyes.


Cosmetic coolers are paradise for products that need a cool environment:

  • DIY Skin Care: Since they are not likely to include preservatives in them, keeping them in the cooler can help regulate the temperature and keep bacterial growth at bay for longer shelf life.
  • Products with Active Ingredients: Skin care that has a high concentration of active ingredients such as Vitamin C, Retinol or Benzoyl Peroxide formulas tend to break down when exposed to direct sunlight and heat. We recommend keeping these precious ingredients in a cool and dark place like inside the cosmetic cooler.
  • Sheet Masks/Eye Masks: The cooling effects are sure to help with de-puffing and minimizing irritation on your skin, reducing excess facial fluid.
  • Face Mists: Although it is not essential that these are stored in the cooler, the cooling effect of each spritz will refresh you especially when the weather is hot.
  • Organic, Natural and Preservative Free Skin care: With a larger focus on brands coming out with natural products containing less chemical preservatives or preservative free formulations, these formulas are likely to decompose quicker. This can quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria which can lead to skin issues such as acne or irritation when applied.
  • Probiotics: Skin care with live probiotic cultures must be refrigerated to extend the life of these ‘good’ bacteria. Products which contain these live probiotic cultures most likely were stored in a fridge at the time of purchase - which is also a good indication that they should stay in a cooler. In order to keep this ‘good’ bacteria healthy, we recommend keeping them in their happy ecosystem - a cold cooler.
  • Facial Tools: Maximize the benefits of your facial rollers in the cooler to help boost their de-puffing effects on the skin, increase blood circulation and promote lymphatic drainage.
  • Nail polish: When stored in a cooler environment can prevent the formula from becoming thick and drying out.
  • Aloe Vera: Products with Aloe Vera or the Aloe Vera plant itself will last longer in the cooler. Experience the healing benefits of Aloe with a cooling and soothing sensation.
  • Eyeliner/Lip Liner: Want to have a sharper more precise line? Then keeping your pencils in the cooler will help achieve that and also reduce the likelihood of breakage when being sharpened.